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Bottle shot of Allure Infusions StrawberryAllure Infusions Strawberry Moscato Can

Our charming, fruity blends are feel good AND taste good. Whether you're chilling solo, or out with your favorite people, enjoy every moment with a little sparkle from Allure Infusions.

An assortment of Allure Infusions cans packed in an ice bucket
An "Apple of My Eye" cocktail on green tableAn "Apple of My Eye" cocktail with a fresh orange and apple
A floating peach sliceA small floating peach sliceA bottle of Allure Infusions Peach MoscatoA can of Allure Infusions Peach Moscato


apple & pear moscato

A whole pear, a whole apple and a half apple on a light green blobA floating pear sliceTwo floating apple slicesA bottle of Allure Infusions Apple & Pear MoscatoFront of an Allure Infusions Apple & Pear Moscato can
A whole strawberry and a half strawberry on a light pink blobA small floating strawberryA floating strawberryA glass bottle of Allure Infusions Strawberry MoscatoA can of Allure Infusions Strawberry Moscato

strawberry moscato

mango moscato

A whole mango next to a diced half mango and a mango sliceA large floating mango sliceA small floating mango sliceA medium-sized floating mango sliceA glass bottle of Allure Infusions Mango MoscatoA can of Allure Infusions Mango Moscato
A bottle of Amusant bubbly pink moscato

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